How to Conduct Webinars and Online Seminars


What is a Webinar and how does it work in 2021?

A webinar is an online seminar or workshop delivered over the internet using video conferencing usually via webinar software. Webinars assist in communicating with employees, customers, and other stakeholders easily through online presentations. The webinars in Africa content should be appealing and informative to the target African audience. There are different steps a person should follow when creating a webinar that will grab the attention of your African audience. Briantony International Consultancy offers corporate training using webinars for the clients to achieve full potential in the specific industry.

  1. Date and Time Scheduling

Braintony International Consultants focus on having the largest audience possible by using the right time for the online seminars. Webinars help in interacting and communicating with a large population hence the need to pick the right date and time. Time zones of the attendees in Kenya, Caribbean, Middle East and the rest of Africa help the planner in picking the most appropriate date and time for the online seminar.

  • Select Your Webinar Topic               

Braintony International Consultants offer management training to Kenyan and African clients. An online seminar offers the African audience with necessary skills and knowledge. Topic selection is an important step that helps in making sure that the target African audience feels the urge of making online attendance. The topic should be informative and motivating to the attendees with the guest speakers improving the experience of the Kenyan audience.

  • Develop a Custom Brand

The theme and logo used for the webinar should make Braintony International Consultants appear unique in the market. The customization of webinar design is a technique to deal with the complex requirements of the African audience. The custom brand for the webinar focuses on increasing the interest of different people.

  • Promote Your Webinar Effectively

The use of social media in promoting an online seminar increase the number of attendees in Kenya and Africa as a whole. Braintony International Consultants promote webinars on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Clear agenda and description of your webinar make the serious audience feel interested in joining the presentation.

  • Send out your webinar invitations 

Email and social media invitations increase the number of attendees for the webinar. Usually, Braintony International Consultants have a list of prospects that are happy to join the online seminar. The invitations focus on developing a successful online seminar for Africans.

  • Come Up with Relevant Webinar Content

The slides and handouts used in the presentations by Braintony International Consultants are helpful to the audience in Africa. The audience expectation and selected topics assist in developing the right webinar content.

  • Speakers Practice

Speakers should be comfortable using the webinar tools and software to communicate with the audience. Sufficient training is needed for the speakers to feel prepared and confident to deliver informative content to the African attendees.

  • Host your webinar

Braintony International Consultants host webinars that are inspiring and educative to the audience. A speaker should focus on surpassing the expectations of the audience by offering valuable lessons. Most people are too busy to watch a webinar hence the need for the speaker to use a creative approach in presenting the webinar. Later, the webinar should be uploaded on the video-sharing platform or company website to reach the intended African population.

  • Follow up

The feedback from the audience is crucial for Braintony International Consultants to make the right changes. Presentations should be on a unique topic to get a good response from the audience. The feedback from the audience provides continuous development for the business by offering unique webinar content.

  1. Allow webinar recording

The webinar should be available for the different trusted partners to achieve full potential. A business increase search engine ranks by making webinar recording available for different people. Braintony International Consultants allows the recording of webinars to attracts a large market share in Africa, Caribbean and Middle East.

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