Registration of Local and international ( foreign ) NGOS in Kenya


NGOs Registration in Kenya (Local and Foreign)

NGOs Registration in Kenya, NGO is a private voluntary grouping of individuals or associations (NGOS), not operated for profit or for other commercial purposes but which have organized themselves nationally or internationally for the benefit of the public at large and for the promotion of social welfare, development, charity or research in the areas inclusive of, but not restricted to, health, relief, agriculture, education, industry and the supply of amenities and services. It can also be applied for registering a foundation in Kenya.

No NGO both local and international NGO can become a branch or affiliate of foreign organizations of political nature, except with prior consent of the NGO Coordination Board.

The procedures for registering both local and foreign NGOs are similar, only that in registering a foreign NGO some additional requirements are needed.

Procedure for registering a local and International, Foreign NGO.

  1. Before an application for registration is made, the applicant should submit the name of the NGO for approval from the Director of the Non-Governmental Organizations Board. This is done by filling out Form 2.
  2. Submit the completed form to the Registry for conducting the search.
  3. The registry will search and recommend the reservation of the NGO name.
  4. Submission of reserved NGO name to the Programmes Manager for approval.
  5. Fill out Form 3 to register the NGO after the name has been approved
  6. A notification of the location of the office and the postal address of the proposed organization Form 1 signed by the three top officials of that proposed organization.
  7. The application for registration will be submitted to the Executive Director, NGOs Co-ordination Board, P.O Box 44617-00100, Nairobi Kenya

Required Documents

  1. A letter addressed to the Executive Director requesting registration.
  2. Duly filled Form 3 (three copies) in original Forms.
  3. Duly filled Form 1 (one copy stating the organization’s contact person).
  4. Two recent colored passport size photographs of three proposed officials and two other board members with the names of the 3 proposed officials and the 2 board members and organization written at the back
  5. Copy of NGO Name Reservation Form(Form 2) duly approved and paid for
  6. The Constitution of the proposed NGO/INGO (filed in Triplicate) and signed by both the proposed 3 officials and LISTING AT LEAST TWO (2) other board members (all the 3 constitutions MUST be signed by all the proposed board members on the execution page and by at least one of the proposed officials on each and every page)
  7. Minutes authorizing the filing of the application with a specific agenda and resolution to register the organization as an NGO with the NGO’S coordination board
  8. Notification of the location of the office and the postal address of the proposed organization( Form 1).

Prototype Constitution of an NGO-Kenya or NGO constitution sample Kenya:

This prototype constitution is for guidance purposes only. However, whatever Constitution an NGO will adopt, it should provide sufficient principles for Management and Structure, Accountability and Transparency in its operations. Such a constitution must embody and include the prescriptions of the Second Schedule of the Non-Governmental Organization Regulations, 1992. Further include the mandatory clauses as marked out in this prototype constitution.

Additional requirements for foreign NGO registration:

  • The organization has to furnish the constitutions of its other branches around the world.
  • One out of three officials of the Kenya branch must be a Kenyan citizen.
  • The officials must be of outstanding character.
  • A notarized certificate of registration outside Kenya.

NGOs Registration

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