CR 12 in Kenya

CR12 Certificate.
CR12 Certificate.

CR12 Online Application In Kenya


CR 12 Kenya – A CR 12 is an official and legal confirmation or Certificate by the Registrar of Companies in Kenya indicating the details and the directors and shareholders of a Company. In addition, it confirms that the company’s records exist at the Company registry and the same is signed off by the Registrar highlighting the following details;

  • The list of shareholders, Postal Addresses and respective shareholding;
  • The list of Directors and their postal addresses
  • The Registered office of the Company
  • Any debentures, charges or encumbrances registered against the company.

CR12 Search Kenya


A CR 12 Kenya application form Kenya is made in the form of a business letter addressed to the Registrar of Companies in Kenya. The Companies Registry is situated at Sheria House, in Nairobi, which is the only on Registry in entire Kenya.

The Business letter provides the name of the company that the CR 12 is sought and the company incorporation number. The letter also requests that the details of debentures/charges against the company if any be availed

When can you apply for a CR 12 in Kenya?


What is the duration of getting a CR 12?


It takes about 2-5 days to get a CR 12 but the process can be expedited

Are there cases where I might not be able to get a CR 12?


Your company will not get a CR 12 if all the company records including annual returns have not been filed. The Registrar will notify you as to the reasons why the CR 12 could not be issued. If you would like to apply for your companies CR 12  Kenya, please contact us at or call +254114503453.

What are the documents Required?


  • Company Letterhead – you will need to write a request to Company Registry to request for the CR 12  Kenya company checkup. The letter must contain your company logo, address and it needs to be signed
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Latest Annual Returns (if any)

CR12 mandatory for registered companies that are applying for Tenders, AGPO registration and seeking Bank loans and many other reasons.

CR12 form Kenya download in CR12 form Kenya pdf can be provided by Briantony from registrar of companies Kenya downloads.

Difference Between CR12 and CR13


CR12 as explained earlier applies to Companies while CR13 form is  Notice for cessation of a Secretary


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